District Wide Broadcast Message

Welcome to South Pontotoc High!

PBIS Wall of Fame StudentsTop of Page

Academic Student of the Week--Will Bennett

Student Athlete of the Week--Nevin Holley

Weekly Student of Character--Destiny Nix

9 Weeks TestTop of Page

South Pontotoc High School's 9 Weeks Test Schedule is as follows:
Wednesday March 1st 7:45-9:27 1st Pd. Test 1st block test
    9:37-11:19 3rd Pd. Test  
    11:21-1:30 5th Pd. Test 3rd block test
    1:32-2:22 7th Pd.  
    2:24-3:14 8th Pd.  
Thursday March 2nd 7:45-9:27 2nd Pd. Test  
     9;37-11:19 4th Pd. Test 2nd block test
    11:21-1:30 6th Pd. Test  
    1:32-2:22 7th Pd.  
    2:24-3:14 8th Pd.  
Friday March 3rd  7:45-8:35  1st Pd.  
     8:37-927  2nd Pd.  
     9:37-10:27  3rd Pd.  
     10:29-11:19  4th Pd.  
     11:21-1:30 7th Pd. Test  3rd block votech report to studyhall
     1:32-3:14 8th Pd. Test 4th block test

Chemistry + Art III = CreativityTop of Page

Chemistry and Art III -- Creative PartnershipTop of Page

Grants from Mississippi Professional Educators and Donor's Choose allowed the SP art and science classes to purchase two pottery kilns.
Through implementation of pottery making technology, we have been able to add depth to lessons in art and science that was not possible before. Student pottery projects included design and completion of a finished piece of art, while using higher level thinking along with scientific experimentation, research, and writing skills. Students learned the stages in making pottery and the effect on the clay in each stage.  They really enjoyed the project which gave them unique experiences and a chance to be creative while learning.  Future projects include glass working using these kilns and development of a dedicated art and science facility on campus.
Sharon Schaefer teaches Chemistry and Sandra Wise teaches Art.

FBLA District WinnersTop of Page

Congratulations to the following students for placing in the top 6 at District Competition on February 23rd.  They each qualify to compete at State Competition in April. 
Karina Sanchez--Business Communications 6th Place
Gena Doss--Computer Applications 5th Place
Karly Brady--CyberSecurity 2nd Place
Anna Dobbs--Intro to Information Technology 1st Place
Savannah Jaggers--Journalism 3rd Place
Breanna Ramage--Personal Finance 5th Place
Jessie Collums--Word Processing 3rd Place

Math & Science Team CompetesTop of Page

Students on the SP math and science team represented the school at the Math and Science competition at Mississippi College on Thursday, February 2nd.  Students competed in individual tests in math, physics, chemistry, or biology and four students competed in a quiz bowl. All students did a great job and represented us well. Of the 12 that attended, 3 scored in the top 20% in math and 1 scored in the top 30% in chemistry. They were competing with students from 40 MS schools, including the academies, prep schools, and Mississippi School for Math and Science.